We have created a line of tire products based on our unique polyurethane chemical formulations (see "Our Technologies" section) and our patented manufacturing processes. These products are:

  • Low Duty Cycle Foam Tires: Amerityre manufactures Flatfree™ polyurethane foam tires for lower speed applications including bicycles, hand trucks, medical mobility products such as scooters and wheelchairs, commercial mowers and lawn & garden equipment, golf carts and wheel barrows.
  • Industrial Tires: Amerityre manufactures solid elastomer tires made of our Elastothane™ and Kryon™ formulations. This techonology can replace rubber with superior performing polyurethane for forklift and skid steer tires.
  • Agricultual Tires: Amerityre sells pivot tires for irrigation and seeder tires for planting applications.